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  • Jacquard Non-woven Material
    Jacquard Non-woven Material
    Jacquard non-woven material can be used for computer, table, dish, refrigerator, microwave oven, TV, car glass, etc..This product has a strong water absorbency, also feels soft and comfortable, no pilling. Besides, it can be used with water and without wa

    Zhejiang Chenyang Nonwoven Co., Ltd [Verified]

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  • SEG Backlit Textile
    SEG Backlit Textile
    ​Top seller textile for light boxes. Crease resistant ideal for folded shipments, light boxes, Display frame systems, Pop-up display systems, Tents, Sun-umbrellas. Lotus effect on uncoated side makes it perfect for short-term outdoor applications as tent.

    Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group Co. Ltd [Verified]

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